​       "Caring Is Our Business"

Deborah Edwards' professional career began in Medical billing in 1994.  Employed by an Internal Medicine office that provided services in Geriatrics for seven years in this particular practice.  She continued in the medical field functioning in a capacity of Medical Billing, Reimbursements, and Medical Transcriptions, which she served at one time or another for approximately 22 years.  Mrs Edwards received diplomas in Medical Assistance, Medical Transcriptions and Bank Telling while serving in these roles.  She retured to school and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from an accredited college, November 2014 concentrating on Long-Term Care.  Following that degree, she received her Certificate in Gerontology from the same school in February 2016. 

Deborah decided it was time to venture out on her own after her spouse of many years was diagnosed with a fast-moving Alzheimer’s disease.  Since caring for him, there have been many trips to the doctor and specialists offices.   She became involved in the other aspect of dealing with medical bills, outrageous charges and feeling alone as she searched for the best way to deal with his care and pay for mounting healthcare bills.  There was no one to assist and advise her to the fact that at times, when a service is performed, one may receive a bill after he or she pays his or her copay because of a hospital charge and a physician charge that was actually separate from the hospital services.  Individuals are not always advised that the hospital may have a charge for the use of their equipment, and then the radiologist that read the results also has to be paid, which in many cases a separate bill occurs. 

On this end of medical billing she came to understand that sometimes payments from insurance companies are actually denied for different reasons such as, incorrect coding, or up-coding.  Sometimes the physician’s office sends a patient to a Specialist for services and that particular specialist is an In-Network Provider, but the facility where the service is performed is Out-of-Network.  Unless, the patient understands how to fight these types of issues he or she will be made responsible for sometimes large balances and will have to deal with large medical billing debts.

Proper and correct handling of such issues does not have to be traumatic events for anyone.  Her own research revealed that this is not a new dilemma especially when it comes to the Aged, Disabled and Chronically Ill individuals; and she started a process that will allow her to Advocate on behalf of these types of individuals.  Treating individuals with Respect, Dignity and exercising Integrity she now offer the types of services that overwhelmed her for years because she can empathize with what he or she may be dealing with.   Saving time, saving one his or her hard-earned savings, and the headache of fighting through the maze that is evident in the healthcare arena  is important in the times that we live in and her desire for you!


Integramark Health Advocate