​       "Caring Is Our Business"

Here at IntegraMark Health Advocate we provide a Medical Billing Service to the Aging, Chronically Ill and Disabled individuals at an Affordable Price.

Choose the Rate that Best Fit Your Needs:

  • All First Time Initial Assessment Fees 

  • Hourly Rate
  • Project Fee
  • Retainer 
    • ​(Retain us for a certain number of hours per week or month depending on your needs)

MINIMIUM 10% SAVINGS GUARANTEED (Example: Review of Hospital Billings)

  • Medical Bill Review & Reconciliation

  • Analyze Medical Bills Line-By-Line

​            Study various possibilities for clerical errors, miscoding and unbundled items

  • Negotiations

​             Disputes, denials of claims & appeals, for hospital bills and other medical billing issues

  • Helping you Choose the Right Health Insurance Plan or Payer 

  • Filing & Tracking Medical Bill Paperwork and Payments

  • Medicare or Medicaid Recommendations
    • ​Decision-making (Advantage Plans, Medigap, others)